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Over its 100 year history, thousands of student editors have built the Virginia Law Review into one of the most respected legal journals in the country. Our alumni have gone on to be professors, judges, practitioners, and business leaders. The Virginia Law Review strives to foster a community of members and alumni through a biannual newsletter, reunion events, and alumni receptions. On this page you will find announcements of such events as well as the latest news about VLR and its alumni.

Alumni News and Events

The winter edition of Nota Bene, the alumni newsletter of the Virginia Law Review, is now available. It contains information about the VLR Centennial Banquet, as well as the upcoming symposium.


In March, VLR launched the Centennial Capital Campaign to mark the occasion of the Review’s 100th Anniversary. We have partnered with the Law School Foundation to seed an endowment that will ensure the Virginia Law Review will maintain its unique character and continue to be the best-run law review in the country. The Virginia Law Review Association is uniquely situated among our peer journals: we are an entirely student-led 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that receives no funding from the Law School; we are the only one of our peer journals with this level of financial and organizational independence. In addition, VLR differs from several of our peer journals in that we receive no auxiliary Bluebook publishing revenue. A substantial endowment will allow VLR to fund a portion of its annual operations from the endowment profits, provide opportunities for online innovation in a changing legal publishing market, and maintain a strong institutional presence at the Law School and among our alumni network. If you have already supported the campaign, please accept our sincere thanks. Your generosity plus the investment of our $450,000 nest egg has brought us within $250,000 of our $1 million goal. Every Managing Board Member of the Class of 2013 has pledged to give to the Centennial Campaign, and we hope you will join them in donating. Thank you for helping us make the Virginia Law Review the best it can be.